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The petals falling down from the sky

Makes us feel the changing of the seasons

10 June
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Fangirl, very....particular about things, doesn't care how something is done as long as its done right. 8D Prince of Tennis, Hitman Reborn, Kimi Ni Todoke, and Honey Hunt are her source of bishies/pairings, WTF moments, fangasms, anything that involves fangirling.
Hibari,Xanxus,Dino,Akaya 」 will always have the key to my heart
TYL Yamamoto 」 will always have the key to my heart

Sexual Orietation: Straight
Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Yes/no/no
Smoke/Drink: No/No
Music: Rock, Pop, Dance
Shonen/Shojo: Yes/Yes
OTP's: NiouSaku, GokuHaru, YamaBianchi, JadenAlexis, KyonHaruhi, IchigoOrihime, RayMariah, SanjiNami
OT3's: Ahahahaha....none. That I can remember.