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30 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Okies I've got 5 more reborn eps and then I'm caught up! :3 Until the next one comes out like soon...... >>
Other then that nothing to really report. Been hanging with my best friend before she heads outta state so I haven't done anything anime related all week.
I've been tagged twice so I might make 2 vids soon....maybe.
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7515 pics in 249 folders
No I don't have OCD in collecting pics. >:D
I luvs how she says the names.
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27 July 2009 @ 12:21 am
I made 3 new ava's but their sized down to meet the 50X50 requirement's of Deviant art. Yeah I'm bianchistormscorpion. Lets see how this goes then. :3
Ummm other then that I don't have much to really post here today.....
Well...ummm Tues I should be able to download eps 133-141 of KHR so as to catch up.
I love the Varia omakes(?) for KHR.....Lussuria is awesome. Squalo should take better care of his hair! The varia are supposed to be good at everything! *cough* I have no room to talk. *pushes bangs out of eyes* I must say as everyone knows....the varia is love.
No fanarts or bg's to really report.
I do have the vectors to redo the past/future hibari bg at animepaper.
and still working on the TYLyamamoto bg.
Maybe I'll work on more avatars tomorrow/today?
Might be getting reading glasses tomorrow. ToT I guess I do need them....
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23 July 2009 @ 11:37 pm
Okay so I looked at the rp thing hitsu-chan told me about......and it got me thinking..
In the past KHR girl quiz's I've taken its been Kyoko and Chrome(whoz taken anyway) and I think once it was Bianchi.
And in the guys ones I was Hibari or Yamamoto. *I NEVER ANSWERED TRUTHFULLY* The only real reason I take those quiz'z is to see the pics in the end. :3
Okay I'm stuck on ep 130.....why? because the eps from then on that I downloaded are raw's........not cool.
Okay and now I've got a DinoXanxusHibariYamamotoAya story going on in my head. FOR THE PAST WEEK. T^T I'm patheto.
and I can't stop watching Varia Mommy Lussuria. Levi and Squalo..... THERE SHOULD BE ONE WITH BEL AND XANXUS.
Oh...I found out why I hadn't gotten an acceptance letter from my school.....my former school hadn't sent my transcript out! And then I get a call from the school I want to go to and not only do they need my transcript from the last college but they need my HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT. Of course the high school guidance counslers don't start work until next week.....DAMN THEM.
Quiz'z - Forgotz my password again..... D:
the mukuro one.....XD (I gots Hibari on the first try :3 So damn easy)
Anybody know any good Hitman Reborn Dream Novel sites?
I don't remember if Endless Dreamers has a KHR section.....which reminds me to check ED and Dopamine for new Prince of Tennis Dream Novles..... the Viva La PSP Kirihara one was soooo freaking awesome....
Funny anime nicknames from the TV Tropes site.
o Ukulele- Ulquiorra, because some people don't like trying to spell his name.
 7-11 - After he becomes the Knight of Seven in R2. Not actually used in the show, but the producers allegedly made him number seven for that reference. Japan had been conquered and renamed "Area 11", and that number became a derogatory term for Japanese.
o Pizza Butt - C.C, obviously.
 And there is also Cheese Crust, Cash Cow, Coca Cola and so on....
o Table-kun - The table that was... uh, "molested" by Nina.
o Racist-tan - Nina
o Martin - A lot of the Deviant ART community is fond of refering to Teru Mikami's fountain pen of death as "Martin".
o Moofy - Wrath of the anime had no name in canon for a time, and gained the nickname from his fuffy hair.
o Sexyhobo - Scar. 'Cause he is.
o Scarbro - Scar's unnamed brother.
o Fluffy or Fluffy-sama - Sesshoumaru; sometimes lengthened to "Fluffy The Terrible", mostly thanks to the fluffy white fur that hangs over his shoulder and trails behind him (itself referred to in Japanese as "mokomoko-san"). Likewise, his recently-revealed unnamed mother has quickly gained the moniker "Fluffette".
 This troper is also quite attached to the term "dust bunny".
o Emo-duck - Sasuke, arising from his Wangst and the resemblance of his hairstyle to a duck's tail.
 Saucegay - An affectionate nickname from fangirls who love their Ho Yay. It is often used in a derogatory matter.
 Other Sasuke nicknames include Sauce-kay, Sa-SOO-kay (coming from the German opening), and Saucecakes.
 Sasuke is often dubbed "The Sauce" by his die-hard fans.
 Yaoi fans who prefer Sasuke as the uke in their pairing of choice sometimes render his name as "Sas-Uke".
o Kishi - Masashi Kishimoto (series creator). Kishi-Baka to those that question his recent story decisions.
o O-chan and K-Fed - for the coldblooded villains Orochimaru and Kabuto.
o Oreo or Oreo-cookie - Almost every fan's nickname for Orochimaru (his name combined with his black hair and white skin).
o Sailor Hinata - Hinata's brief period as a Magical Girl in a filler episode.
o ToMaTo - the name given to the character whose identity was severely conflicted until recently; is he merely Tobi, Madara, or Obito? This, combined with the guy's actual resemblance to a tomato, led to the affectionate moniker.
o Haruhi Potter - Haruhi in her first appearance, for a Memetic Outfit that made her look like a certain Boy Who Lived.
o Daddy Starbucks - The still unseen and unnamed father of Moka and her three sisters, for the Theme Naming he decided to give to his daughters.
o The Pink Spore (a.k.a. Chibi-Useless, Yam-Head) - Chibi-Usa/Rini. Actually used in the dub, later co-opted as a genuine insult by detractors.
o Sailor Hot Topic - Kuroki Mio from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, for her over-the-top Perky Goth attire in the OVA.
• Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
o Abuse-tan = Abiru Kobushi. The name is a play on her name as well as the fact that she is allegedly a victim of domestic abuse as she is always covered in bandages.
o Anony-tan = Meru Otonashi. She is called that because she likes to text abusive Emails messages much like Anonymous (4-chan) is known to do.
o Despair-sensei = Nozomu Itoshiki. This guy is super negative and always seem to find some sort of strange excuse to want to make himself taller.
o Evil-tan = Mayo Mitama. This is because not only does she look evil, she does evil things (like blowing up houses and stabbing puppies) and gets away with it.
o Hikkikomori-tan = Kiri Komori. Because she is a Hikkikomori (social recluse) after all.
o Ji-tan = Matoi Tsunetsuki, the resident stalker. The Ji is a Japanese onomatopoeia sound for staring, which Matoi does a lot (at Nozomu).
o "Making Yourself Taller" = Fan term for Suicide by Hanging, which was derived from Fuura's tendency to put a positive spin on Nozomu Itoshiki's attempts at suicide.
o Opti-Miss = Kafuka Fuura. She has this disturbing ability to come up with positive explanations for anything that should have a negative conatation to it.
o Perfect-tan = Kitsu Chiri. She demands that everything must be done properly and has an obsession with having everything equal.
o Schizo-tan = Kaere Kimura due to her split personalities.
o Slash-tan = Harumi Fujiyoshi because she is the shows resident yaoi fangirl.
o Stick-dog = The term for the least once per episode appearance of a dog with a stick poking out of its butt. This phenomenon is caused by Evil-tan.
o Waifu-tan = Manami Okusa. This is because she is married to an older man despite been only a highschool student.
o When you consider that the actual names of the characters (with the exception of Kafuka's name) are all thematic (in Japanese, that is) to the characters' personalities, such fan nicknaming could even be considered redundant.
o LOL-fang-tan - Tsuruya-san, by combination of the nicknames "LOL-tan" and "Fang-tan", inspired by her two most prominent attributes.
o Moeblob - Mikuru.

o Shattered Sword of Balls - Tachibana's, mentioned above, Alter, called "Eternity Eight." One of the things he likes to do with it in combat is form the eight little balls into a sword-like weapon. Unfortunately, when fighting the protagonist, this sword gets punched through and shattered very often. This leads to the, at least in the subbed version, line, "You broke my balls!!!" It gets even worse when this leads him to go on a pity trip about how his girlfriend won't like him anymore.
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22 July 2009 @ 10:17 pm
1. Answer the questions honestly.
2. Tag as many people as the number of your KHR Bishounen/Bishoujo
(which im' not goint to do haha)
3. (added by me) kudos to anyone who actualy reads all of this :)

from http://www.mangabullet.com/TheWayWeGetBy/journal/e15861

What do you think about:

Vongola Guardians

Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) - Complete dork. Dramadramadramadramadrama....

Gokudera Hayato - Bipolar? I'm glad Yamamoto corrected his thinking on being the 10th's right-hand man.

Yamamoto Takeshi - Is the most adorable natural born assassin in the world.

Hibari Kyouya - hawtness.

Rokudou Mukuro - Secretly hugs teddybears.

Sasagawa Ryouhei - Overprotective brother TO THE EXTREME!

Child Lambo - Cute, spoiled brat.

Ten Years Later Lambo - Cute, spoiled older brat.

Twenty Years Later Lambo - Hawt, mature adult. Or so they say. XD

Kuromu Dokuro - Is weak. Don't think much about her.

Reborn - badass mofo he is. Don't really like him.

Colonnello - LOL.....fights reborn over who's the harshest tutor.

Lal Mirch - Will avenge Colonello! She's my fave KHR girl.

Skull - luvs him. His 'story' was cute.

Previous Vongola Bosses
Vongola Primo - Tsuna looks like him. I wonder.....what did Primo's wife look like? *coughKYOKOcoughPLZcough*

Vongola Secondo - Xanxus must be a decendent of his.....

Vongola Terzo - FUNKY hair

Vongola Quarto - USED A FORK. WTFBBQ moment

Vongola Quinto - Kinda smexy. used something wierd.

Vongola Sesto- Was the one with the monocle. and used a BOOMERANG.

Vongola Settimo - Top-hat and gun. Who boy...can we say 1800's?

Vongola Ottavo - Cross-bow with a flower tattoo on Her FACE.

Vongola Nono - Has gone through so much. Feel sorry for him.

Cavallone Family

Dino Cavallone - Super Dojiko at your service! XD

Romario - Just cares and worries about his boss. Nothing wrong with that.

Dino’s Random Backstage Men - Also cares and worries about their boss. Again nothing wrong with that. It means Dino is a good man.


XANXUS - Badass, tragic backstory, hawt as hell(literally and figurativly)

Superubi Squalo - Highly visable assasin, long hair.....I wanna braid it.

Belphegor - Is batshit insane. because he's a prince.

Mammon/Viper - IS A GIRL.

Levi A Than - I feel kinda sorry for him.

Lussuria - Varia mommy. Exists for LOL and WTF moments

Gola Moska - No thoughts on this stomp-a-mud-hole- in-your-ass- then-walk-it-dry- hunk-o-war.

Fran - Poorpoor Fro*cough* I mean Fran. Newbie of awesomness.

Millefiore Family
Byakuran - hawt, evil, hawt, evil, super hawt, super evil.


Irie Shouichi - Hot scientist. He can teach me anatomy any day. :3

Glo Xinia - Scares the shit outta me.

Electrico Gamma - LOVES UNI.

Nozaru - Hair......

Tazaru - a NORMAL person?

Genkishi - His eyebrows go against school dress code.....LOL

Iris Youka - SLUT. (remember kids. Whore's get paid for sex, sluts just have fun with it.)

Gingerbread - Body problem. Probably a 60yr old woman.

Spanner - He can fix my computer any day

Leonardo Lippi - Mukuro chose a pretty hawt guy's body to steal. *coughMASSMURDERERcough*

Baishina - Likes snakes.....

Dendro Chilum - Dun remember him.

The Death Stalk - Poor experaments.

Rasiel - King wannabe and batshit insane cuz of it.

Consulenza Esterna Della Family
Sawada Iemitsu - Is a pretty cool dork and in my opinion a decent dad when Tsuna was younger.

Basil - We have similar hair-cuts. WTF

Oregano - Should remember Iemitsu is married.

Tomaso Family
Naito Longchamp - Havn't read the manga

Pantera - Havn't read the manga

Mangusta - Havn't read the manga

Lunga - Havn't read the manga

M.M. - Looks like Tachibanana from PoT.

Lancia - Pants cut a little low aren't they?

Birds - pervert

Joushima Ken - My cat thinks his seiyuu's voice is sexy.

Kakimoto Chikusa - I like his hats in the manga scans.

JiJi and DiDi- Sound like the saimese twins from lady and the tramp.

Bianchi - Second favorite PoT girl. She is just awesome. Bad-ass cooking skillz.

Child I-Pin - At first I didn't like her. but I'm over it. No specil feelings for her tho.

Ten Years Later I-Pin - Shouldn't be a ramen delivery girl.

Sasagawa Kyouko - Needs to learn a weapon aready.

Miura Haru - I think she would have awesome staff skillz.

Kurokawa Hana - her infatuation with adult lambo and her children skillz....

Fuuta - ADORABLE. Want him as my lil bro.

Dr. Shamal - Only helps women....and 95% of KHR is men. Good for LOL moments.

Yamamoto’s Father - Has a fish fetish? Good-man/father.

Kusakabe Tetsuya - Good guy.

Uni’s Mother - Pretty lady.

The Cervello - Love their outfits.

Naito’s Girlfriends - didn't read the manga.

Uri - adorable.

Grown Uri - got awesome

Hibird - I srzly want one! Wander what they use the camera for when thier not fighting someone? O_o

Kangaryuu - So if Ryohei were to get in its pouch would he quadruple in size to?

Sky Hedgehog - I want one!!!! ITS FREAKING PURPLE!

Muku-Owl - scary

Kraken de Pioggia - 'ringring' "hello? oh sorry hun' Davy Jones wants his pet back."

Falco de Pioggia - >w<

Gamma’s Electrico Foxes - SO FREAKING COOL

Baishina’s Serpente Tempesta - I thought potter had already killed it.

Baishina’s Cervo Volante bel Otto - The mummy wants his pets back.

Genkishi’s Sea Slugs - EWWWWW

Lal Mirch’s Centipedes - WHY CENTIPEDES?

Skull’s Octopus - ish cute like skull.

Colonnello’s Falcon - carry's him across continents.

Reborn’s Chameleon - cute

Mammon/Viper’s Frog/Dragon Thing - Is a dragon/snake. I don't like frogs or snakes so yeah....EWWWWW

Gingerbread’s Ragno Ciel Sereno - hah?

Belphegor's Visone Tempesta - Belphegor gets a mink because he's a prince.

TYL Characters
For this section, if you are not at this point in the story, say what you think they will look like.
If you are at this point in the story, but we have not seen the character, again, say what you think they look like.
For characters you have seen if you are at this point in the story, also say what you think of them, please.

TYL Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) - Taller, more slanted eyes?

TYL Reborn - MUCH cooler looking

TYL Gokudera Hayato - Should have gotten more screen time

TYL Yamamoto Takeshi - scar.scar! scar? Hawtness

TYL Sasagawa Ryouhei - he's quieter. but still....LAME EXCUSES

TYL Hibari Kyouya - training from hell. He's hotter....how can you get hotter? he did it....and is freaking awesome.

TYL Hibird - still wants one

TYL Rokudou Mukuro - the long ponytail,long coat....sexy belt.

TYL Lambo - go back up top.


TYL Basil - Havn't seen him yet. new hairstyle maybe?

TYL XANXUS - He got more awesome.

TYL Superubi Squalo - More hair.......louder.....

TYL Belphegor - still can't see his eyes.......

TYL Mammon/Viper - IS A GIRL

TYL Levi A Than - Still put-upon


TYL Gola Moska - Its a machine. It wouldn't change.

TYL Kuromu Dokuro - I guess she grows her hair out?

TYL Colonnello- HAWT.

TYL Lal Mirch - coolzness. Colonello is her savior!

TYL Bianchi - Did her hair get longer and her lips fuller? I dunno she looks the same to me.

TYL Dr. Shamal - wrinkles maybe?

TYL Dino Cavallone - His box is a horse. and his hairstyle is outta this world

TYL Romario - I would guess he'd look the same with wrinkles added?

TYL Enzio - bigger?

TYL Kusakabe Tetsuya - just a grown-up version of himself in middle school.

TYL Sasagawa Kyouko - Just marry Tsuna already damnit!

TYL Miura Haru - grieved over Tsuna on Gokudera's shoulder!!!! I wish.

TYL Kurokawa Hana - business woman.

TYL Kakimoto Chikusa - dead?

TYL Joushima Ken - dead?

TYL M.M.- want her dead. she likes money more than love.

TYL Birds - IS DEAD.

TYL Lancia - probably won't be wearing such low-cut pants anymore.

TYL Naito Longchamp - dunno him

1. Who is your favorite character(s)?
Kyoya Hibari, Takeshi Yamamoto, Dino
2. Who is your favorite hetero pairing(s)?
ColoLal, GokuHaru, TsuKyoko, BianchiReborn, TYLI-pinTLLambo
3. What is your favorite yuri pairing(s)?
4. What is your favorite yaoi pairing(s)?
EWWWWW, nonononono.
5. Is there a pairing you don’t like or hate, but still favorite art/read fanfics or doujinshi of?
HibariHaru. HATE IT *the artwork was really good*
6. What would you give to get your bishounen(s)/bishoujo(s)?
just about anything.
7. The most traumatic pairing for you is...
HibaHaru HibaKyoko YamaLal
8. If you had a chance to get one Vongola ring which one would you choose?
9. You meet Bianchi on your way and she wants to give you her new poisoned cake-what do you do?
Say I was full from breakfast/lunch/dinner
10. What's your favorite pattern on Tsuna's shorts?
HEARTS. who doesn't like them?
11. What do you think Hibari does in his free time?
Nap, thow stuff at people in groups.
12. Do you think Mukuro really likes pineapples/teddy bears?
I dun think pinapples but definlity teddy bears.
13. How many men has Lussuria slept/done?
Why would I want to guess?
14. Is Spanner a pedophile?
15. If Spanner offered you a lollipop, would you take it?
If were still in the wrapper
16. What do you think Shouichi keeps on his second laptop?
lewd images of......COMPUTERS.
17. How do you think the series will end?
Tsuna as boss, kyoko accepts him, haru with gokudera, bianchi marry's reborn. colonello and lal together in....heaven? or maybe colonello doesn't really die.

Now, since it is the end of this meme masterlist, express your feelings toward your bishounen(s)/bishoujo(s)
There are no words for my feelings on them.
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20 July 2009 @ 12:22 am
My only real complaint about KHR.....
Is the damn recap episodes.
There might be other complaints but I can't think of them right now.
I'm on episode 127 right now
Chrome - I don't like her. 6996 is okay, I can see why so many people would like it. But I don't like Chrome. Its in her nature....nah
Gamma - He is cool....except for the whole almost killing yamamoto and gokudera. The fox's are really cool to.
Genkishi - Looks cool at a quarter turn looking down.....THATS IT. FUGLY anytime else.
Byakuran - Is hawtevil. really hawt. and really evil.
Lussuria - Necrogay? LOL Varia momma. XDDD
Belphegor - Pretty cool. Kinda wish Gokudera had been able to get the storm ring at the last minute.
Xanxus - His voice.... *q* and kickass with a miserable past. And the feathers.....AND A TAIL. Guns oh chayeah.....GUNS. Did I mention his voice? Varia daddy. XDDDDD
Levi A Than - I still don't like him but that Varia after Haru's show thing.....>8DDDD
Lal Mirch - I can't tell if I like her more than I like Bianchi. ColoLal is so awesome. He's her SAVIOR. >w<
Spanner - Is pretty cool. Like him.
Irie - Is cool. Not quite understanding the stomach cramps but okay.
Glo Xinia - I would prefer not to remember him
I don't remember anyone else between eps 40 and 127.

I dunno this person but I ran into his/her profile while looking for xanxus stuff.
omg...its lol.

For the present and future Hibari wallpaper
A friend on animepaper has given me the link to a vectored tyl hibari and this person is actually vectoring the present hibari for me so I can remake the bg.
Did Annette251's luffy bg. Its up on photobucket.
Whats next? :/
KHR TV TROPES ~ this isn't all of them but some of my favorites.
• A Boy And His X: A Boy and His Scheming Three-Years-Old Assassin Tutor.
• Angrish: Xanxus does this. A lot!
• Badass Normal: Yamamoto doesn't need to be shot in the head, or be related to mafia to kick everyone's asses.
• Boom Headshot: It's Reborn's anthem.
• Crouching Moron Hidden Badass: Tsuna, although he still won't kill anyone. But apparently freezing Xanxus counts as okay.
• Curb Stomp Battle: Hibari personified.
• Delinquents: Subverted in that they're actually the Disciplinary Committee, who all wear the Red Armband Of Leadership.
• Depraved Homosexual: Lussuria, who not only hits on jailbait but is also a necrophiliac. See also Camp Gay and Hard Gay.
• Dojikko: Dino, when he isn't cool, is really lame.
• Draco In Leather Pants: Hibari; Mukuro
• Dr Jerk: Dr. Shamal - only towards men. Unfortunately, 99% of the cast is male.
• Ducks In A Row: And how. Even in the latest chapters, new Bishonen are still being introduced! ( "Let me introduce you to the real six Funeral Wreaths!")
• The Evil Prince: Xanxus. Subverted because surprise! He's adopted. Also Belphegor, who is a) a prince, and b) batshit insane... because he's a prince.
• Gratuitous English: Haru 'Dangerous' Miura, especially her character song.
• Gratuitous Foreign Language: Italian!...though several of the characters are Italian. And Reborn! is about The Mafia. And most, if not all instances of it seem accurate.
• Gratuitous Japanese: For some reason, every mafioso in the series speaks Japanese fluently. In some cases this can be explained (such as with the Varia, who are all required to know at least 7 languages), but not with the Kokuyo gang, who are just normal extremely dangerous prisoners from Italy. Heck, Rokudo Mukuro, Kakimoto Chikusa, and Joshima Ken are all Italian expats with Japanese names.
• Highly Visible Ninja: Supposed elite assassin Superbia Squalo decides it'd be a great idea to go rampaging in a civilian shopping center in broad daylight, all while yelling at the top of his voice.
• Hot Blooded: Ryohei, to the extreme.
• Ho Yay: Shonen series + about unbreakable family bonds and all + written by a woman = OH GOD THE SUBTEXT!
• Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Guns aren't Bianchi's strong point.
• Implausible Fencing Powers: Boy who learns kendo in the span of a week defeats a bloodthirsty, expert assassin.
• Impossibly Cool Clothes: Suits are always cool and standard crime family fare, but the Varia one-ups the normal family with their leather numbers. See also the reason Mukuro picked Kokuyo as his base, Gokudera's outfit during his Ring battle, Longchamp.
• Improbable Weapon User: Dynamite. Yo-yos that shoot poisoned needles. Steroid dentures. A microwave clarinet.
o Behold! The fork is now a feared Mafia Weapon
 Why has it not been mentioned that Tsuna's X Gloves are also woolly mittens?
• Invisible To Normals: "Wow, toys nowadays are so realistic!"
o Now let's all go have a meeting about the next... sumo tournament.
• Jerk With A Heart Of Gold: Gokudera's The Smart Guy who really loves his boss, plays piano, and is suscribed to occult magazines. Mukuro's not a complete sociopathic bastard. Apparently Gamma isn't entirely a bastard, either. Even Xanxus gets a redeeming moment with a heartwarming "families stick together" speech. Now we're just waiting for Byakuran's Pet The Dog, because this is shounen.
• The Lancer: Yamamoto and Gokudera combine into this for their hapless boss.
o Squalo takes on this role with the Varia as well, being their (relatively) Only Sane Man.
• Lolicon: Ryouhei's crush for I-Pin in an omake probably doesn't count, but there's Giglio Nero's members' love for their boss Uni. Especially Gamma's.
Gamma: "Don't say stupid things, you bunch of lolicons."
Other members: "Wha?! Like you're not the most suspicious one here!!"
• Loony Fan: For the answer, look to the next trope.
• Mad Bomber: Gokudera
• Magnificent Bastard: Reborn
o Byakuran definitely fits the bill.
o With the reveal of who really masterminded the time travel plot, Tsuna gets props for putting the kids in significant danger just to motivate his younger self. His own younger self can't believe it was really him.
• Manipulative Bastard: Mukuro
o Don't forget about Reborn!
• My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours: Shigure Souen style owns all.
• Naughty Tentacles: Everything involving Mammon fighting. And Glo. Basically whoever Chrome fights in general.
• Near Death Experience: Source of Tsuna's powers.
• Nerds Are Sexy: Irie Shouichi and Verde. So Yeah...
• New Powers As The Plot Demands
• Off Model: Episode 5 is the most famous example of Off Model from the anime, and has become a near meme in the Japanese fandom. Birthed a few FanNicknames.
o And they got their own Fansite !
• People Puppets: Fun with Mukuro and his plan to destroy the mafia and start World War III!
• Samus Is A Girl: I-pin. Later, Lal Mirch.
• Scary Black Man: Tazaru, initially.
• The Spartan Way: Reborn, Colonnello, and Lal Mirch all love to beat up their students.
• Spell My Name With An S: So is it Chiavarone or Cavallone? Also, Marmon/Mammon, Lussuria/Lissuria, Colonello/Colonnello, Mosca/Moska, etc.
• Spit Take: Both Tsuna and Yamamoto do one at the same time when Lambo comes in and tells them that, "right now, in the shower... THERE ARE A LOT OF BOOBIES!!"
• Spoiled Brat: Oh lord, Xanxus. Made especially noticeable when his resent about his childhood isn't nearly as justified as Butt Monkey Tsuna's.
• Spoiler Opening: Mukuro's Heel Face Turn and Chrome's existence in the second opening, Ryohei's box animal before it was even introduced in the manga in the fourth.
• Stepford Smiler: Byakuran
o Mukuro seems subject to this. He smiles even when his eye is bleeding .
• Talking Is A Free Action: Abused to a ridiculous amount. Honestly, does anything ever happen when people are talking? Or is it simply against this universe's physics?
• Tall Dark And Handsome: Yamamoto, Xanxus, Genkishi, Hibari... Pretty much anyone with dark hair in this series.
• Team Mom: Lussuria in some anime omakes. Its just as creepy as it sounds.
• Temporal Paradox: We'll fix the problems of the past... by fighting in the future?
• Theme Naming: The Varia are named after the Seven Deadly Sins or their associated demons, and the Millefiore family is largely named after flowers. A sizable amount of the casts' names reference Italian or European vehicles.
• Thirteen Going On Thirty: 'sup, Ten-Year Bazooka.
• Time To Unlock More True Potential
• Time Travel: Lambo's Ten Year Bazooka says hi.
• Third Person Person: Haru; Lambo-san
• Took A Level In Badass: Tsuna... after about nine volumes of fail.
• Training From Hell
• Xanatos Gambit: Most of future arc.
o At this rate, it's turning into a Thirty Xanatos Pileup.
• You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Mukuro, in bonus pineapple hairstyle.
o Fran happens to be this too.
• You Suck: Tsuna...all the way.

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Song: Sakura Addiction - Hibari and Mukuro.