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10 August 2009 @ 12:21 am
I can't count. *edit*  
ColoLal tag vid

Okay.........so I was putting all my KHR icons on a 1000x1000 sheet and tada.....I'm down 3 avatars.  Therefore......I'm making more~~~
To be posted to this entry as soon as I'm done.

1.  Squalo.  I saw I had 2 Xanxus, 6 Bel, and 3 Mammon/Viper.   he's YOUNG and SMILING. 
here that is.  the mouth is messed up and so I'll continue to work on that.
2.  Mabe Uri?  I want a cute manga scan to color. 
3.  Mabye Uni?  I only have 1 pic of her.....will find more.  she's kinda adorable.

smexy rest

and my phone seems to be broke....it turns on and off by itself.  letting it dry another whole day and then I'll see if it works.  if not I'm shit out of luck.  We just bought dad a laptop today.  even on tax-free holiday it was still $800.   and now their looking for a new car.  Damnit I wanted a new  tablet for christmas! 

On a KHR related note~

Does anyone agree that the Gokudera with a cat in the ending for ep 68 (the winter one)  was a hint at his box?
I don't fully think that.  It was a passing thought  when I rewatched the ep.

oh and here.

Credits go to cup_ramen_chaos of livejournal of creating this. XD


Here's how it works.

Start out with "I--

Then add a verb based on the month you were born in.

January: kicked
February: shot
March: kissed
April: drew a picture of
May: ate
June: danced with
July: made a cake for
August: punched
September: had a roll in the hay with
October: yelled at
November: threw pies at
December: went shopping with

Next, you add a character, using the day you were born on.

1. Lambo
2. Iemitsu
3. Basil
4. Xanxus
5. Levi
6. Hibari
7. Haru
8. Colonello
9. Bianchi
10. Yamamoto
11. Fuuta
12. Skull
13. Belphegor
14. Dino
15. Tsuna
16. Mukuro
17. Byakuran
18. Marmon
19. Lussuria
20. I-Pin
21. the Cervello
22. Ryohei
23. Lal Mirch
24. Gamma
25. Nana
26. Kyoko
27. Shouichi
28. Squalo
29. Reborn
30. Chrome
31. Gokudera

Lastly, based on the first letter of your LIVEJOURNAL USERNAME (or SgCafe User name), finish your sentence!

A: ...because I can.
B: because I was possessed by Mukuro.
D: all night long.
E: with a laugh.
F: because they're trash.
G: for a cookie.
H: for great justice.
I: and all I got was a headache.
J: to prove my worth.
K: and it was EXTREME.
L: because I'm a prince~
M: and it pissed them off.
N: and they kicked my ass afterward.
P: for the lulz.
Q: so I could make hilarious macros.
R: because I love them.
S: and was promptly shanked.
T: and it was epic.
U: in front of my parents
V: and there's nothing you can do about it.
W: Because my mom told me to
X: to make my fanfic more realistic
Y: because I'm a rabid fangirl
Z: because I was paid handsomely.
# or symbol: because I wanted to

and when you're done, add it all up and VOILA! sentence.

 Mine was:
I danced with yamamoto because I can.
with youtube.  (cuz i wanted to)
I danced with yamamoto and it was epic.
other youtube
I danced with yamamoto because I love them.
I danced with yamamoto because I was possesed by Mukuro
I danced with yamamoto and was promptly shanked
I danced with yamamoto all night long
I cannot and will not complain about the outcomes.  8D
Feeling:: distresseddistressed
Song: Suberidai (Slide) By Tsubasa Mori
aya_soran: fuuta shinyaya_soran on August 11th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
Why yes you can. I found it on the internet tho. I didn't make it~ Wish I was that smart@$